Community Relations Council

The Community Relations Council was established in 2002 to enhance communication among Y-12 personnel, the Oak Ridge Community and East Tennessee. CRC members share a common vision to support the important national security mission carried out at Y-12.

The Council provides valuable feedback to the company regarding our operations and ways to enhance communications and involvement in the community and public at large. CRC members are a cross section of the community, including community and neighborhood leaders, Y-12 retirees, and business and government leaders.

These members are committed to voicing their unique perspectives for the mutual benefit of Y-12 and our East Tennessee neighbors.

Steve Jones, Business leader – CRC Chair
Shirley Cox, Y-12 Retiree – CRC Vice-Chair

Jeremy Biggs – Medical Community
Dr. Bruce Borchers – Education
Tom Beehan – Community
Jeff Cheek – Business
Rick Chinn – Real Estate, Government
Rebecca Crowe – Business
Mike Cuddy – Business
Amy Fitzgerald – Government
Terry Frank – Government
Jenny Freeman – Small Business
Warren Gooch – Government
Tatia Harris – Government
Bob Hightower – Retiree
Melinda Hillman – Community
Chuck Hope – Small Business, Government
Dr. Stephen Mangum – Education
Susana Navarro-Valenti – Business
Veronica O’Hearn – Community
Greta Ownby – Business
Buzz Patrick – Business
John Ragan – “ex officio” member State Government
Dean Rice – Government
Bert Robinson – Business
John W. Smith – Business
Sharon Templeton – Community
Mike Thompson – Labor Unions
Tom Tuck – Business
Anita Vines – Real Estate
Mark Watson – Government
Steve Whitson – Business
Ron Woody – Government