Uranium Processing Facility

The National Nuclear Security Administration is constructing a modern Uranium Processing Facility designed specifically for processes not suitable for relocation into existing buildings at Y-12.

Originally designed to house all Enriched Uranium processing operations at Y-12 in one facility, UPF design has evolved to a multiple facility complex where each building can be constructed to the safety and security requirements appropriate to the building’s functions. This provides cost-saving opportunities in both building construction and equipment installation.

Using a “build-to-budget” strategy, NNSA has committed to Congress to provide these facilities in order to cease enriched uranium operations in 9212. UPF will be built by 2025 for no more than $6.5B through a series of seven subprojects:

  • Site Readiness—complete
  • Site Infrastructure and Services—underway
  • Substation—underway
  • Mechanical Electrical Building—underway
  • Process Support Facility
  • Salvage and Accountability Building
  • Main Process Building

The new facility will improve worker safety, reduce operational costs and energy consumption and allow more efficient mission delivery.

One of the largest construction projects ever built in Tennessee, at the height of construction UPF will employ approximately 2,000 people.

Fact Sheet: UPF Fact Sheet