Alarm Response Training Academy celebrates an anniversary

Posted: November 12, 2015 - 3:08pm

A little more than a year ago, the Alarm Response Training program moved into the newly remodeled Building 9109. There, Y‑12 experts conduct courses to train law enforcement, radiation safety officers, security personnel, FBI and others to protect nuclear and radiological materials of concern. They have state of the art equipment to help domestic and international participants understand the hazards of radiological materials and how best to protect their communities.

Since moving into the new training facility, three other courses have been added or are being developed: Limited Scope — Alarm Response Training, Personnel Radiation Detector and Customized Alarm Response Training.

“These new courses are a response to the Global Material Security — Office of Radiological Security guidance to address specific requirements to assist sites in securing radiological and nuclear material,” said Toby Williams, director of the academy.
“We want attendees to go away with an appreciation of how safety and security at a site must work together to protect their facility and their community. In all cases, we are preparing the sites to integrate this training into their own response and training plans. We like the terms ‘change agents’ and ‘teach them how to fish,’” he added.

“ART’s greatest accomplishment is recognizing that a site or community takes ownership of the radiological/nuclear security issue and makes positive changes by working together, incorporating the training materials and implementing their own programs,” Williams said.
Y‑12 now has trained more than 3,948 people, including participants from every state and 18 countries, and attendance is rising steadily.

Williams shares his thoughts about ART’s new facility and the unique training offered by Y-12 in this video.