Programs and Initiatives

As we continue to expand our partnership and explore opportunities, we are putting more ideas and theories into practice.

Y‑12 is a production facility, but we do a lot more than just manufacturing and nuclear work. We have partnership potential in everything from business systems to the hard sciences. In fact, many of our current needs lie in the ancillary things — procedures, procurements, other parts of our operations. How do we transform and improve the way we do business?

Our evolving missions, aging infrastructure, and production challenges require innovative solutions — technological and otherwise — to fulfill our customers’ expectations. We hope to work with a wide variety of UT departments, institutes, and researchers to address our transformation needs so we can continue to save taxpayers money every year.

In turn, Y‑12’s unique nature offers compelling field research opportunities. With more than 7,000 people on site most days, Y‑12 becomes a city in itself during business hours. As such, it is a great opportunity for UT researchers and graduate students to put their theories into practice. A recent project involving UT’s Construction Industry Research and Policy Center is helping put Prevention through Design concepts to work.

Debbie Reed, UT Liaison
Tom Berg, Commercialization and Partnerships director