Request for Information for Leased Office Space

CNS Y-12 is in need of a minimum of 90,000 sq. ft. of Class A leased office space in Oak Ridge, TN. The space must be zoned as IND-1. The space must have modern functionality (i.e. modern video teleconference capability), new floor surfaces and paint, and be aesthetically attractive on the interior and exterior. The leased office space will need to accommodate 700 – 1,000 personnel with hard walled offices, cubicle areas, meeting rooms, and common areas included. The office space will need to be able to be equipped by the Company with access controlled doors and a dedicated building access control system that limits access of the leased space. The leased office space also needs:

  • Modular type office furniture or equivalent (including; desks, bookcases and chairs) in cubical work spaces;
  • Hard walled offices and conference rooms equipped with tables and chairs (Office space with modular furniture included is a significant plus);
  • Receptionist area;
  • Leased office space requires telecommunications cabling distributed throughout the space and connectivity to outside networks;
  • Office space is required for break room/kitchen(s), telecommunications, filing area, and office supply delivery and storage area;
  • Adequate parking for the building capacity including exclusive parking spaces and visitor parking;
  • Routine janitorial service, facility(s) maintenance, grounds landscaping and maintenance services are required;

The lease term is for one (1) year firm term with four one-year option years. Commitments are subject to annual federal funding authorizations.

The space will need to accommodate a Limited Area (LA) of approximately 8,000 to 10,000 sq. ft.

1. General Requirements.
LA boundaries shall be defined by physical barriers encompassing the designated space and access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the LA.
2. Access Control.
Access controls will be installed by the Company to ensure that only appropriately authorized personnel are permitted unescorted access to the LA.
3. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).
Uninterruptable power supply or compensatory measures must be provided at installations where continuous operation may be required.

There must be adequate parking for the building capacity including exclusive parking spaces and visitor parking. There should be a minimum of 8-10 spaces closest to the building which should be designated for use by the physically disabled.

On-site parking must at least meet current local code requirements and be equipped with adequate speed bumps for the area.

At least ten (10) parking spaces shall be reserved near the front entrance to accommodate government vehicles.

Lessor personnel with access to the facility(s) must be US citizens and be able to obtain a government issued badge.

There shall be a central telecommunications area (room) in the facility(s) as identified and provided by the Lessor. The telecommunications room(s) shall be located within the area it serves so that the maximum linear distance of cabling between the telecommunications room and the telecommunications outlets does not exceed 250-ft. for Property Management space.

The telecommunications room(s) shall be capable of being secured and shall be of sufficient size as stated in Table 3. Lessor shall furnish and install 4-ft. by 8-ft. sheets of 3/4-in. plywood mounted to walls, as required, in the telecommunications room(s). Electrical power (a 16 circuit 120/240 volt, single phase lighting panel with 100 amp main circuit breaker) will be provided by dedicated circuit to accommodate the telecommunications equipment power requirements.

The Lessor will provide, or subcontract to another party, the supply and installation of continuous non-spliced internal voice and data wiring from the telecommunications room(s) to each separate work area. Prior to purchasing the voice and data cables, the Lessor shall contact a designated Telecommunications representative of the Company to review the cable requirements as described below. The Lessor shall not purchase the cables until approval has been granted by the Company's designated representative. The voice cable shall be National Electric Code (NEC) type CMP, 4-twisted pairs, 24 AWG solid copper, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL) level. The data cable shall be CAT 5E minimum NEC type CMP, 4-twisted pairs, 24 AWG solid copper, UL or ETL level. Each separate work area of Property Management space, excluding the break/kitchen area, shall have two voice/data drops; one each located on opposite walls adjacent to duplex receptacle. Each voice/data drop shall consist of a voice and data cable, identified on both ends with the appropriate room number and outlet number, routed between the telecommunications room and the space being served. Twelve-inch (12-in.) (minimum) of spare cable shall be left at each voice/data drop for the Company's connection. In the telecommunications room(s), a measure of cable equal to the floor-to-ceiling distance shall be left for the Company's connections. When cable consists of multiple runs, cable trays shall be provided to insure cable does not come into contact with suspended ceilings or other items.

The Company will provide high speed connectivity to the Lessor facility(s). The Lessor will provide an access path in accordance with ANSI/EIA/TIA-569-a standard (http::// from the building entry point to the secure telecommunications wiring room where the fiber optics will terminate at the Company-provided patch panel.

The Company will provide, install, and maintain telecommunications equipment including telephones, multiplexers, interface equipment, and peripheral equipment, as required.

Plans denoting location of voice and data wiring drops shall be submitted for the Company’s approval prior to installation. Based upon review, the Company reserves the right to add additional drops, as required, prior to final plan approval.

The Company’s acceptance of the Lessor-provided and installed voice/data cable is contingent upon the Company’s successful testing of the completed system, including wiring and terminations. Any problems associated with the Lessor-supplied cable and/or installation of the cable must be corrected by the Lessor at no additional cost to the Company.

This request for information is not a formal offer, but a description and location of space or spaces available. This request does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the submission of this information or to contract for proposed real property.

Information should be submitted no later than COB January 15, 2020. Please deliver information electronically or in person to CNS, LLC, Real Estate Administrator, Brittney Crass, at

Work Areaa NRSF Minimum Minimum Distance in one Direction (ft) Additional Remarks
Workstation Office Space 75,000 100 Approx. 630 cubicles
(40 high walls at approx.. 8’ X 12’, balance low walls at approx.. 7’ X 6’)
Special Material Handling Space 0   N/A
Delivery/Staging Area 400 20 X 20 Receiving for Mail/Deliveries
Offices 4,500 12 X 12 30 Offices
Reception Area 400   1 Reception Area at Main Entrance
Break Area 1700   Approximately 6
    Approx. 12 X 10
Conference Room Small – Approx. 700 Sq Ft.

Assembly - Approx. 3,000 – Sq. Ft.

20 X 20

52 X 72

7 – 10 Conference Rooms to include 1-2 assembly areas
Equipment/File Room Above   One of the offices above can be the file room, two will be for IT Equipment
Supply Room Above   The Receiving Area can act as the supply room if large enough. If not, an office will be identified.
Total Rentable Square Footage