Entry Requirements

Identification and/or Citizenship Requirements

When you arrive for your visit, please be prepared to provide us a form of government photo identification such as your driver's license or U.S. passport when you check in with Visitor Services. And, if you are an uncleared visitor — meaning you do not hold a federal security clearance — you will also be asked to complete some documentation to certify your U.S. citizenship. Once all of these procedures and paperwork are complete, we will issue you access to the Complex and you can begin your visit.

In accordance with the REAL ID Act, the Department of Homeland Security established implementing standards. Among these is a prohibition on using non‑REAL‑ID Act compliant driver’s licenses as proof of identity for access to restricted (i.e., non‑public access) areas of federal facilities. The Y‑12 Complex falls under these requirements.

Because of these required procedures and necessary paperwork, we ask that you check in at least 30 minutes before any scheduled meeting you might have at Y‑12.

Also, we want your visit to Y‑12 to be both enjoyable and productive. So, it’s important that we make you aware of some of our restrictions and policies.

Prohibited Articles

Y‑12 prohibits the introduction, transportation or possession of weapons, explosives or other instruments likely to produce substantial injury to persons or property. This restriction includes:

  • Items prohibited by local, state or federal law.
  • Controlled substances (i.e., illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia).
  • Privately owned explosive chemicals and devices.
  • Privately owned handguns or rifles of any make or model, including air‑powered.
  • Knives with blades longer than four inches.
  • Privately owned ammunitions/projectiles (e.g., bullets, rockets, arrows, etc., that could be discharged from a weapon).
  • Items that could be used to start fires, excluding personal lighters. (Heavy equipment may have up to 10 road flares and personal vehicles may have up to 5 road flares.)

Safe and Appropriate Footwear Policy

Everyone on site at Y‑12 is required to wear safe and appropriate footwear for our daily work activities and site conditions. As a visitor, you will also be expected to wear the same appropriate footwear.

  • Heel height three inches or less, as measured at back of the heel.
  • Heel width (side to side) one-half inch or more as measured at the tread surface.
  • Heel closed or supported (strap) except with a medical restriction.
  • Open toe shoes are allowed.
  • Footwear upper covering (i.e., parts of a shoe that are above the sole) shall
    sufficiently secure the footwear.
  • Flip flops, beach shoes, or similar footwear are not allowed, no medical exceptions
  • Use of platform shoes over one inch are not allowed, except with a medical
  • Non-skid soles are preferred. In addition, winter footwear should be considered during winter weather conditions.

Your Y‑12 host or contact is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will be the person to reinforce the importance of wearing safe and appropriate footwear.

If you have questions or would like clarification or additional information about our restrictions and policies, please contact our Y‑12 Visitor Services, New Hope Center, 602 Scarboro Road, phone 865.574.3280, fax 865.574.7200.