Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership

Posted: February 14, 2013 - 9:58am

The Y-12 National Security Complex proudly flies a green flag as a performer-level member of the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership. Members of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation presented Y-12 with the flag March 17, 2009.

Brad Skaggs of Environmental Compliance said, “The flag shows that Y-12 is a recognized leader in environmental protection and pollution prevention.”

Since 1993, the Y-12 Complex has completed over 1,128 pollution prevention projects including on going recycling projects that resulted in the elimination of more than 928.9 million kilograms (more than 2.04 billion pounds) of waste at an estimated cost avoidance of more than $67.3 million.

To initially achieve performer status, the Y-12 team developed and completed a five-project plan to help prevent pollution of air, land and water, while reducing waste and conserving natural resources. TP3 Performers also implement community outreach and mentoring as part of their programs.

Pollution prevention projects were completed in each of the following five media areas:

  • Clean Air
  • Energy efficiency/conservation
  • Hazardous materials management/reduction
  • Land and water conservation
  • Solid waste reduction — reduce, reuse, recycle

Y-12 was mentored by Denso Manufacturing. Now as a performer-level member, Y-12 has previously mentored the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and is currently mentoring Eaton Inoac Company.

TP3 is a statewide network of households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses and industries working together to prevent pollution. Y-12 is the 14th performer level member and was the second government facility in Tennessee to fly this flag.

After receiving our flag in March 2009, Y-12 hosted the East Tennessee TP3 Program Workshop on October 8, 2009. The workshop was held at Y-12’s New Hope Center, which is LEED certified. LEED certification means the new facility was built as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, further proof that Y-12 is serious about environmental stewardship and pollution prevention.

The purpose of the workshop was to offer guidance on how to advance through the TP3 levels and to promote membership outreach and mentoring in sustainable practices. The workshop also allowed those in attendance to benchmark and network.

East Tennessee industries that participated included the Upper Nolichucky Watershed Alliance, Bush Brothers, DENSO, and Johnson Bible College.

To maintain the TP3 Performer-level status, Y-12 has to:

  • Maintain compliance with environmental regulations,
  • Complete mentoring activities to promote the TP3 program and assist other organizations with TP3 activities,
  • Complete environmental outreach in the community,
  • Submit a success story related to a pollution prevention project completed in the last year and
  • Maintain the site’s Environmental Management System.

Y-12 has successfully accomplished these activities for the past two years to be able to maintain the TP3 Performer Level Status.