Broader National Security Missions

For 70 years, the Y‑12 National Security Complex has transformed in response to changing national security priorities and assigned missions, evolving technological opportunities, and growing concerns regarding health and public safety. As the global security situation has changed, the site has adapted — beginning as a uranium enrichment facility, transforming to a weapons manufacturing facility, and accepting new challenges in today’s nuclear nonproliferation and advanced reactor fuel development efforts. Y‑12’s support of the nation’s nuclear stockpile remains a core mission.

New challenges to national security have arisen, which our nation must negotiate with confidence. With a clear focus on the future, Y‑12 has updated its strategic vision for the site’s support of Broader National Security Missions. Because of the expertise gained in our nuclear deterrence mission, Y‑12 possesses unmatched capabilities in nuclear materials, global security, nuclear forensics and detection, manufacturing and technical services, and special programs. To foster innovation, we partner with various federal, private, and academic organizations, and we continue to commercialize the award-winning technologies our experts develop.

As the world changes, we will continue to refine our roles and responsibilities in service to America.

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