Scenario-Driven Training

Y-12’s Nuclear and Radiological Field Training Center equips military units, as well as federal, state and local emergency response agencies with the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to safely detect, safeguard and handle real nuclear and radiological sources. To test their skills, Y‑12 has developed training exercises that include the following scenarios:

  • Dirty bomb laboratory
  • Dirty bomb detonation in an office
  • Material smuggling vehicles
  • Nuclear storage facility
  • Sea/land shipping containers
  • Nuclear materials processing laboratory
  • Warehouse storage area

Rather than limiting training to a set of predefined courses, the Y‑12 facility serves as a training venue where commanders can execute their own training plans. Trainees use their own equipment and receive hand-on experience in areas such as search and identification of nuclear and radiological materials, package and transport of materials, consequence management, casualty extraction, site characterization and decontamination.

“Y-12 was familiar with our equipment and was able to slightly modify the way we operate using the tools we already have in our kit, instead of forcing us to get new equipment or drastically changing the way we work.”

Captain Mark Stewart
4th WMD Civil Support Team
Georgia National Guard