UPF-Related Forms

The following Uranium Production Facility (UPF) related forms are provided in PDF format by category. Click the link in the "Format" column to open a copy of the form or right-click to download.

Number Title/Description Format
CFN-1036 UPF Cleaning Placard PDF
CFN-1037 UPF Housekeeping Monitoring Report PDF
CFN-1038 UPF FME Monitor Checklist — FME Monitor Briefing Sheet PDF
CFN-1039 UPF Personnel, Material, and Tool Log PDF
CFN-1040 UPF Foreign Material Exclusion Checklist PDF
CFN-1059 UPF System/Component Safety Tagging/Lockout Permit Log PDF
CFN-1060 UPF System/Component Safety Personal Lock Log PDF
CFN-1061 UPF System/Component Safety Temporary Lift PDF
CFN-1062 UPF System/Component Safety Temporary Suspension Log PDF
CFN-1105 UPF System/Component Safety Tagging/Lockout Permit PDF
CFN-1137 UPF Designated Area Tracking and Inspection Log PDF
CFN-1138 UPF Designated Area for Hot Work Placard PDF
CFN-1139 UPF Hot Work Permit PDF
CFN-1025 UPF Survey Work Request PDF  
CFN-1026 UPF Calibration Baseline Check Sheet for Total Station PDF  
CFN-1027 UPF Two-Peg Level Test Sheet PDF  
CFN-1028 UPF Surveying Level-Peg Test Certificate PDF  
CFN-1029 UPF Surveying Instrument — Calibration Baseline Check Certificate PDF  
CFN-1030 UPF Site Excavation Permit Word  
CFN-1031 UPF Daily Trench Safety Report Form PDF
CFN-1032 UPF Daily Soil Compaction Test Record PDF
CFN-1041 UPF Concrete Operations PDF
CFN-1042 UPF Concrete Test Record PDF
CFN-1068 UPF Grout Request/Release Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1069 UPF Surface Preparation and Coating Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1081 UPF Post-Installed Anchors Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1087 Mechanical Rebar Coupler Splice Report (CSR) PDF  
CFN-1088 Penetration Closure/Seal Inspection Report PDF  
CFN-1089 UPF Typical Haul/Lift Plan PDF  
CFN-1090 UPF Lift Data Sheet — Single Crane Pick and Set PDF
CFN-1091 UPF Lift Data Sheet — Two Crane Pick and Set PDF
CFN-1092 UPF Pre-Lift Safety Checklist PDF
CFN-1093 UPF Hoisting and Rigging Hazard Evaluation PDF
CFN-1094 UPF Pre-Lift Brief PDF  
CFN-1096 UPF Scaffold Request Form PDF  
CFN-1102 UPF Critical Lift Plan Checklist — Review of Critical Lift Plans PDF
CFN-1103 UPF Haul Plan Checklist — Review of Transportation Plans PDF  
CFN-1119 UPF Insulation Release and Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1134 UPF HVAC Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1135 UPF HVAC Test Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1142 UPF Structural Steel Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1143 UPF Daily Crane Lift Card PDF
CFN-1144 Mobile Crane Daily/Pre-Use Inspection Checklist PDF  
CFN-1145 Mobile Crane Initial/Monthly/Periodic Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1146 UPF Equipment Operator Qualification Record PDF  
CFN-1147 Hoisting & Rigging Hardware PDF  
CFN-1148 Alloy Steel Chain Sling — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1149 Rigging Hooks — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1150 Wire Rope Sling — Period Inspection PDF  
CFN-1151 Synthetic Roundsling — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1152 Synthetic Webbing Sling — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1153 Structural and Mechanical Lifting Device — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1154 Manual Lever Operated Hoist — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1155 Hand Chain Operated Hoist — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1156 Electric- or Air-Powered Hoist — Periodic Inspection PDF  
CFN-1052 UPF Raceways and Accessories Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1053 UPF Grounding Installation Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1070 UPF Cable Termination Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1071 UPF Lifted/Landed Lead Record PDF
CFN-1072 UPF Cable Installation Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1073 UPF Megger Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1074 UPF Transformer Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1075 UPF Motor Rotation Test Inspection Record Word  
CFN-1076 UPF Fiber Optic Cable Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1077 UPF Grounding System Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1078 UPF Lighting Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1079 UPF Electrical Equipment Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1080 UPF High Potential Inspection Record PDF  
CFN-1106 UPF Analog Instrument Calibration Record PDF
CFN-1107 UPF Digital Instrument Calibration Record PDF
CFN-1108 UPF Instrument Pressure Test Record PDF
CFN-1109 UPF Loop Inspection and Test Record PDF
CFN-1110 UPF Relief Valve Inspection and Final Acceptance Record PDF
CFN-1111 UPF Orifice Plate Specification Check Record PDF
CFN-1112 UPF Flow Instruments Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1113 UPF Level Instruments Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1114 UPF Pressure Instruments Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1115 UPF Pressure Relief Valve Settings Instrument Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1116 UPF Control Valve & MOVs Instruments Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1117 UPF Analytical Instrument Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1118 UPF Temperature Instruments Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1136 UPF Electrical Equipment Installation Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1000 UPF Inspection Record for Underground Piping PDF
CFN-1001 UPF Flanged Connection Data Sheet for Underground Piping Installation PDF
CFN-1002 UPF Coated and Wrapped Pipe Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1003 UPF Piping Fabrication and Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1004 UPF Bolt Tensioning Inspection Record for Aboveground Piping PDF
CFN-1005 UPF Flanged Connection Inspection Record for Aboveground Piping PDF
CFN-1006 UPF Installation Guidelines and Inspection Record for Aboveground Piping PDF
CFN-1007 UPF Cutting Pipe Threads/Threaded Joint Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1008 UPF Pipe Support Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1009 UPF Pipe Cleanliness Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1011 UPF Draining/Sewer Pipe Test Report PDF
CFN-1012 UPF Pressure Test Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1013 UPF Pressure Test Log PDF
CFN-1014 UPF Valve Line-up Sheet for Pressure Testing PDF
CFN-1057 UPF Pneumatic Test Safety Plan PDF
CFN-1095 UPF Instrumentation Installation Inspection Record PDF
CFN-1010 UPF Field Material Requisitions and Purchasing PDF
CFN-1015 UPF Field Sketch Form PDF
CFN-1016 UPF Work Package Cover Sheet Word
CFN-1017 UPF Design Installation Documents Word
CFN-1018 UPF Construction Special instructions Word
CFN-1019 UPF Pre-Job Work Area Walkdown Word
CFN-1020 UPF Work Package Change Request Word
CFN-1021 UPF Work Package Pre-Job/Post-Job Briefing Word
CFN-1022 UPF Field Change Notice (FCN) Word
CFN-1023 UPF Field Change Request (FCR) Word
CFN-1024 UPF Request For Information (RFI) PDF
CFN-1033 UPF Material Traceability Transfer Record PDF
CFN-1034 UPF Stored Equipment Maintenance Log PDF
CFN-1035 UPF Stored Equipment Maintenance Record PDF
CFN-1043 UPF Report of Unsatisfactory Overage, Shortage, and Damaged Material (UOS&D) PDF
CFN-1045 UPF Material Receiving Instruction PDF
CFN-1050 UPF Project Returnables Log PDF
CFN-1051 UPF Rental Equipment Log PDF
CFN-1054 UPF Measuring and Test Equipment List PDF
CFN-1055 UPF M&TE Calibration Test Report PDF
CFN-1056 UPF Measuring and Test Equipment Checkout Log PDF
CFN-1058 UPF Construction Work Package Suspension/Cancellation Sheet Word
CFN-1065 UPF Nonconformance Construction Report (NCR) Word  
CFN-1066 UPF Constructability Suggestion Form PDF  
CFN-1067 UPF Inspection Record Continuation Sheet PDF
CFN-1082 UPF Single Punch Item Entry Form PDF
CFN-1083 UPF Multiple Punch Item Entry Form Word