Secret City honor

Posted: June 17, 2014 - 4:56pm

B&W Y‑12 was recognized at this year's Secret City Festival opening ceremony for its 10 years of support for the festival. With contributions of more than $250,000, B&W Y‑12 began sponsoring the festival in 2004 and has been a premier sponsor since then. Y‑12 also has opened its doors to the public during the festival by offering free tours of the site.

Along with an award, a city proclamation stating "WHEREAS, the City of Oak Ridge and its citizens are deeply appreciative of the investment and involvement of B&W Y‑12 in the greater Oak Ridge community and the Secret City Festival, and for all of its contributions for the betterment of the Oak Ridge" was read, and a key to the city was given to B&W Y‑12 President and General Manager Dave Richardson.

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