Y-12 to Install New Fence to Reduce Trespassing

Posted: April 23, 2013 - 3:56pm

New fence to be installed by April 4

The National Nuclear Security Administration today announced plans to extend the boundary fence at the Y‑12 National Security Complex along Scarboro Road. The new fence is expected to be in place by April 4.

The fence is being erected primarily to restrict public access to U.S. Government property in front of the entrance sign and along the side of New Hope Center. Events of the past several months have shown that there is a greater threat of trespassing on the site, and the costs for responding to this threat are increasing. Y‑12 is taking conservative and appropriate measures to make such illegal actions more difficult.

Although New Hope Center will also be behind the fence, public access will continue during normal working hours, and public use will still be permitted by groups following Y‑12’s policies and guidelines.

The NNSA recognizes that these changes will create some inconveniences for the public. However, NNSA and B&W Y‑12 are responsible for maintaining the most secure environment possible to ensure the continued protection of Y‑12. The additional fencing being installed is in addition to other measures completed in recent months to improve security at Y‑12.

The fence that will be erected by April 4 will be a temporary fence; a permanent fence is planned for a later date.

Y‑12 supports the U.S. nuclear security enterprise through uranium storage, processing and manufacturing operations. Y‑12 is operated by B&W Y‑12, LLC for NNSA.

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