Which Road to Travel?

Posted: July 16, 2013 - 6:06pm

There’s no question which road (crosswalk) to travel when you park in the North Portal parking lot. Thanks to the recent restriping of the parking lot, the crosswalk and parking spaces are clearly marked.

Earlier this year, the Employee-Driven Safety Campaign was created as a way to easily submit safety issues as we continue pursuing Safety for Life and our Voluntary Protection Program focus.

Y‑12 is a large site, so it takes all of us to ensure we keep things in tip-top safety shape.

This tool allows employees or employee teams to submit safety concerns or site conditions that need to be addressed. Once in the system, the Employee-Driven Safety Campaign team, made up of employees from around the site, including representatives from each union, and led by Environment, Safety and Health’s Senior Director and Deputy Manager Yvonne Bishop, ranks the submitted items. Items are then prioritized by how likely they could cause an injury.

Many of the issues identified are behavior-related — meaning we need to change our behavior. Examples include walking up or down stairs without holding the handrail or driving across parking rows in a parking lot.

As President and General Manager Chuck Spencer stressed, “Safe behavior is an expectation I have for myself and for all Y‑12 employees. Let’s make sure we hold ourselves and each other accountable for safety so we can all work without accident and go home injury-free.”

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