Omni Jaw 5™ licensed, headed to market

Posted: May 30, 2014 - 12:54pm

A patented, portable, high-powered hydraulic tool, invented to shear and trap bolt heads during demolition projects, has proven its worth and is moving to market. Y‑12 National Security Complex signed a licensing agreement with start-up company Green Arc Labs of Chattanooga for Omni Jaw 5. This is the first time the two companies have partnered.

The hand-held tool, invented a decade ago by Lee Bzorgi of Y‑12’s National Security Technology Center, generates up to 5 tons of force on the cutting jaw and simultaneously collects the trimmings, eliminating environmental and safety hazards. It was designed during demolition of the East Tennessee Technology Park where asbestos cyanide-dipped bolts posed a problem.

“We are excited about our connection with Y‑12. This is a first for us,” said Casey York, founder of the GAL start-up company. “We have existing manufacturers in Chattanooga, and the Omni Jaw tool will be machined right here. There’s such an apparent need for this tool in the construction or demolition of any commercial building, for example, or in ship deconstruction, asbestos removal, or equipment dismantlement.” Bringing more technology to Tennessee and to Chattanooga, in particular, is one of GAL’s ultimate goals.

“It’s the ideal tool for taking apart ships for scrap and similar kinds of projects with riveted construction,” said GAL’s Jacob Gish. “Omni Jaw 5 is a self-funding prototype. There’s nothing on the market quite like it. It’s safer, faster, and more powerful than other tools of its kind.”

Omni Jaw 5 boasts an ergonomically positioned electric trigger and weight of just 18 pounds. It’s strong; safe; fast (shearing bolts in seconds); versatile (with an interchangeable jaw that can be used as a punch or a shear in addition to a bolt cutter); and precise, leaving surfaces undamaged. “It’s very gratifying to have another invention licensed to help small business,” said Bzorgi.

“Y‑12’s Technology Transfer office is eager to work with GAL to bring this technology to the market. GAL has a well-rounded group of people with a wide spectrum of expertise and plenty of energy to put behind the product,” said Jeremy Benton of Y‑12’s Program Management organization.

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