Leadership Oak Ridge visits Y-12

Posted: October 8, 2015 - 1:23pm

The 2015 Leadership Oak Ridge class recently visited the Y-12 National Security Complex. Members toured and saw a glimpse of what employees do at Y‑12.

“The majority of Leadership Oak Ridge participants have never been inside Y-12,” said Greta Ownby, Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Oak Ridge Program Manager. “So, it is always a highlight of the program year for them to be able to tour the facility.”

According to their website, Leadership Oak Ridge’s mission is to “inform current, potential and emerging leaders about Oak Ridge and its issues and provide them leadership skills development in order to empower them to identify and implement solutions to those community issues.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit Y‑12 for the last several years, and it is amazing to see the changes that have been made to the site with the demolition of older buildings,” said Pat Fallon, City of Oak Ridge. “I am really looking forward to watching the progression as the Uranium Processing Facility is constructed and the inclusion of the historical buildings as part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.”

An added attraction for the Leadership Oak Ridge class this year was the annual Safety Fest being held at the New Hope Center. The class was able to take advantage of attending the event as part of their Y‑12 tour.