CNS officials provide industry with primer on doing business at Y-12

Posted: October 14, 2015 - 5:32pm

Sam Easterling, Consolidated Nuclear Security’s Environment, Safety and Health program manager, had a simple message for the dozens of officials from local industry gathered at the Riverside Grill last month for a primer on doing business at Y-12.

“Be inquisitive,” Easterling told the officials at the Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association meeting.

“Whenever you have a statement of work, be inquisitive. Make sure your team fully understands the requirements in the statement of work — what you’re supposed to accomplish — and also try to dig a little deeper and figure out what the expectations are that go along with that,” he added. The goal, according to Easterling, is to prevent any gaps caused by miscommunication.

Easterling was joined at the event by other CNS managers, including Mission Baseline Director for Program Integration George Singleton, Supply Chain Management Business Management Manager Richard Atwood, and the Director of Site-Wide Support for Quality Performance and Analysis Kerry Grooms.

The event proved to be valuable for the dozens of attendees as the CNS officials shared information about the company’s mission, plans, cost-efficiency strategies and consolidation efforts.

“The beneficial thing about the workshop was that it allowed managers from both business and technical disciplines to be made available to share information all at the same time, yielding an invaluable opportunity to those who attended,” Atwood said.

The officials also provided some information on upcoming opportunities, most notably infrastructure revitalization efforts. “We are going to see a lot of work over the coming months and years that will allow us to do a lot of good work to improve our facilities and the processes that are operated inside those facilities,” Singleton said.