Y-12/UT Collaboration

Y‑12’s formal partnership with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is now well into its second year, and the two institutions have made considerable progress in solidifying and expanding their collaborations. So where do things go from here?

Thanks to the solid foundation laid by Debbie Reed, Y‑12’s UT liaison director, the path forward looks promising. In less than two years, Reed has been able to construct working relationships with each of UT’s 11 colleges.

“We have established numerous joint technology projects, implemented the Engineering Management master’s degree program, and developed a graduate research assistantship program — just to highlight a few things,” said Commercialization and Partnerships Director Tom Berg. “But this next phase is even more exciting.”

Y‑12 now hopes to build on the established relationships to put more ideas and programs into action, to the mutual benefit of Y‑12 and UT. Projects in the works include developing joint programs and institutes to bring in outside funding, implementing the exchange of staff between the two sites through the Joint Assignment Agreement, and expanding the graduate assistantship program.

Y‑12 has benefited directly from our partnership with UT in a variety of ways ranging from hiring key talent from our graduate research assistants to addressing tough technical challenges. People at Y‑12 are now beginning to reach out and create synergies with UT on their own.

Y-12 is proud to be a charter member of the Institute for Nuclear Security within the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee, ­Knoxville. The Instituted brings the complete capabilities of the University community to bear on one of the most challenging issues of our time — nuclear security.

If you have a new idea for continuing Y‑12 and UT’s partnership, please contact Debbie Reed.