Y-12 Construction hits one million-hour mark without a lost-time accident

Posted: August 30, 2012 - 5:30pm

The B&W Y‑12 Direct-Hire Construction team has worked one million hours, covering a 633-day period, without a lost-time injury. Some 285 people including building trade crafts, non-manual staff and escorts worked without a lost-time accident during this period. The Construction team’s last lost workday was in September 2010.

A celebration was held today to mark the safety milestone. Senior leaders from National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office (NPO) and B&W Y‑12 were on hand to congratulate the workers.

Jim Haynes, B&W Y‑12 senior vice president and deputy general manager for projects, said, “Congratulations are due the men and women of Construction. You reach a one-million-hour milestone like this by people looking out for each other, by taking safety seriously and being aware of hazards by staying in the moment.”

Karl Waltzer, NPO senior scientific and technical advisor, said, “I am extremely proud of all of you for this impressive accomplishment. It takes leadership, a strong safety culture, and attention to detail to achieve these results.”

Much credit for the accomplishment goes to the Knoxville Building and Construction Trades Council (KBCTC), which provided well-trained, skilled, and safety-conscious personnel who embraced Y‑12 safety programs.

Kevin Adkisson, president of KBCTC, said, “The construction trade can be one of the most challenging careers. Performing safely takes commitment, from top to bottom. Congratulations to Y‑12 Construction — you have earned it.”

The safety milestone is not Construction’s only accomplishment. During this time, Y‑12 Direct-Hire Construction craft worked on more than 125 projects and supported another 35 subcontracted projects important to the Y‑12 mission. Direct-Hire Construction is composed of B&W Y‑12’s full-time construction work force. It does not include workers on subcontracted construction projects.

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