Technology Transfer Ombudsman

Y‑12’s technology transfer ombudsman is:

Willie J. Wilson
B&W Y‑12
P.O. Box 2009
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-8004
Office: 865-576-3456
Fax: 865-241-2138

The U.S. Department of Energy and Y-12 share a mutual objective to encourage programs that further departmental missions and transfer federally funded technologies into the marketplace for the benefit of the U.S. economy. We also share a strong interest in open lines of communication and the early identification of issues, complaints and disputes between the facilities and their existing or potential partners. The timely and effective resolution of technology partnership concerns and complaints at an appropriate level is a priority.

DOE has requested that each technology partnership facility appoint an ombudsman to whom the public, existing partners and potential future partners can voice concerns and seek resolution of disputes relating to technology partnership activities. For specific information about the role of an ombudsman, please visit the Technology Transfer Ombudsman Program Web page.

At Y-12 the technology transfer ombudsman is a senior official who reports to senior contractor management and who is removed from the actual day-to-day negotiation of technology partnership arrangements.