Working With Us

The enactment by Congress of the National Competitiveness Technology Transfer Act of 1989 authorized U.S. Department of Energy facilities to enter into cooperative research and development agreements. CRADAs permit DOE contractors and industry to collaborate on research and development projects of mutual interest.

Under a CRADA, each partner typically pays its own expenses for participation in the joint research project. However, if DOE cannot fund or sufficiently fund its side of the project, the industrial partner may fund part of the research at Y‑12. By law, government contractors cannot provide any funding to an industrial partner under a CRADA.

  • Y‑12 works with the prospective industry partner to formulate a technical statement of work to be performed.
  • Each party must determine the availability of funding for its part of the project.
  • If funding is available, Y‑12 administrative personnel work with the researchers to request formal authorization from DOE to enter into the CRADA.
  • Meanwhile, Contracts personnel and the industry partner can complete their negotiations for the business terms and conditions of the CRADA.
  • Implementation of the CRADA may then begin upon final approval of the negotiated agreement by DOE.

For additional information, contact the Office of Technology Commercialization and Partnerships toll-free, 855-545-TECH (855-545-8324).