Safety Culture Best Practices agenda/presentations

Posted: November 20, 2014 - 3:45pm

Tues. 10/21 Topic Responsibility Organization
Video Session 1, Part 1
Session 1, Part 2
8:00 Welcome Steve Erhart
Jim Haynes
8:30 Agenda overview, logistics Paul Wasilko CNS
8:45 Situation Analysis — Drivers, focus, DOE perspective, DNFSB hearings, Recommendation 2011-1 closure Rizwan Shah DOE
9:45 Development of a Safety Culture Self-Assessment Guidance Document Richard Hartley CNS, Pantex
10:00 Break
Best Practices — Planning
Video Session 2, Part 1
Session 2, Part 2
10:30 Transforming Safety Culture Panels to Sustain & Improve Safety Culture Chris Shannon TRU Project
11:00 Development of a Program Plan for Quality of Life Workplace Improvement Dave Maguire CNS, Y-12
11:30 Effective Safety Communication Planning — Improving Workforce Perception Kathryn King CNS, Y‑12/UPF
12:00 Lunch — Hosted by CNS
Best Practices — Execution
Video Session 3, Part 1
Session 3, Part 2
1:00 Using Mediation to Resolve Organizational Disputes — A Case Study David Duncan ORAU
1:30 Use of the SRR Owner's Manual for Nuclear Safety Culture Sandy Hyman SRR
2:00 Safety Culture Advocates Sherry Philyaw
Brian Bailey
CNS, Pantex
2:30 Laboratory Operations Supervisor Academy Chris Patton ORNL
3:00 Break
Video Session 4
3:30 Development and Use of a Safety Culture Monitoring Panel Monica Lewis
Condy Sharp
Keith McCoy
4:00 Effective Safety Communication Exercise — Using US Airways Flight 1547 Event Gary Hagan CNS, Y‑12/UPF
4:30 Integrating Safety Culture into ISO (International Standards Organization) Jim Merrigan LLNL
5:00 Wrap Up and Adjourn Rizwan Shah
Teresa Robbins
Paul Wasilko

Wed. 10/21 Topic Responsibility Organization
Best Practices — Execution (cont.)
Video Session 5, Part 1
Session 5, Part 2
8:00 Honeywell Operating System (HOS) at FM&T Don Fitzpatrick FM&T/KCP
8:30 Use of Benchmarking to Improve & Sustain Safety Culture Performance Teresa Robbins NPO
9:00 Senior Supervisory Watch Program — A Tool to Observe Field Conditions Vance Tisdale CNS, Y-12
9:30 Speed of Trust Program — Tools for Individuals to Build and Maintain Trust Jim Bolon Isotek Systems
10:00 Break
Video Session 6
10:30 Development and Use of the Pantex Trust Model Suzanne Helfinstine CNS, Pantex
11:00 Questioning Attitude Recognition Program Libby Gilley UCOR/ETTP
11:30 The UPF Project Safety Culture Working Group Rhonda Martin CNS, Y‑12/UPF
12:00 Lunch — Hosted by ORAU
Best Practices — Measurement
Video Session 7
12:45 Safety Culture Video Melinda D’Ouville Bechtel/WTP
1:00 Safety Culture Performance Measurement — Dashboard Development and Use Paul Wasilko CNS, Y-12
1:30 Developing a Valid & Reliable Safety Culture Instrument Jeff Miller ORAU
2:00 Safety Culture Surveys Pat Padezanin SRNS
2:30 Grass Roots Safety Culture — Monitoring at the Working Level Melinda D’Ouville Bechtel/WTP
3:00 Break
Video Session 8, Part 1
Session 8, Part 2
3:30 Analysis of Qualitative Safety Culture Data Tracy Spencer ORAU
4:00 Error and Flawed Defense Reporting and Analysis Chuck Voldness SRFO
Video Session 9
4:30 Wrap up and Adjourn Rizwan Shah
Teresa Robbins
Paul Wasilko