The Y-12 Complex is managed for the Department of Energy, and use of government property is essential for us to effectively achieve our missions. Items that are excess to Y-12's needs are offered for sale to the general public after all other steps in the excess cycle have been completed.

We conduct different types of sales taylored to the specific commodity. The method chosen depends on the item's quantity, condition, location and special nature. When a sale is being offered, information about the sale will appear on this website. Some types of sales include the following:

  • Auctions—open to the general public with inspection allowed the day before the auction. Our auctions are always advertised in local newspapers, on this website, and sometimes on Cable Channels 12 and 20 in surrounding counties. Complete property listings are not mailed in advance of the auction; however, to receive an announcement of upcoming auctions by email, send your contact information to Bill Beedle or Larry Osborne. Item listings typically are not posted on this website until Thursday prior to the date of auction. Auction purchases are subject to Auction Terms and Conditions.

  • Sealed bid sales—a method used to sell large quantities of material or for specialized commodities (e.g., instrumentation or machinery). Sealed bid sales are suited for large companies and brokerages and are also open to the general public. Bids are submitted in sealed envelopes. On closing day, all bids are opened and the bids are compared to determine the successful bidder. All awards are generally made to the highest bidder or highest qualified bidder and are subject to Special Conditions as specified in the sale and to General Terms and Conditions.
  • Spot bids—held in lieu of auctions, also known as "silent auctions" and generally held for office equipment, vehicles, and items of interest to the public. Spot bids typically consist of small lots (usually one item) and are more suitable for individuals. Bidders are allowed to inspect the items and then submit their bid card in the designated locked repository. Bids are opened at the designated place and time on the announced date to determine the highest bidder.

  • Contract sales and service contracts—annual sales subcontracts that pertain to large quantities of material generated over a continuing period of time (e.g., scrap metal, tires, batteries, cardboard, paper). These sales are generally open to licensed/permitted firms.
  • Negotiated sales—authorized by 41 Code of Federal Regulations 102–38.100 for city and county governmental bodies and their entities and for items of specialized nature and limited use with a negligible market and urgency of sale. If you have questions, contact Bill Beedle, 865.574.2527, or Larry Osborne, 865.574.0041; 230 Warehouse Road, Building 1916-T2, MS 8269; Oak Ridge, TN 37831-8269.
  • Fixed-price sales—known as “pre-priced” or “cash and carry,” open to the general public and held in conjunction with public auctions. Items are “selected” and sold “where is–as is,” at non-negotiable prices and limited to quantities available on day of sale. All items are sold on a first come, first served basis. Listings for these items are neither mailed nor posted prior to sale date.