The forms linked below are made available here as .pdf or MS Word documents.

  • Product Returns Fax Sheet
    This cover sheet should be used to provide information required about a shipment before it arrives at the Y-12 National Security Complex.
  • UCN-16708, Request for Authorization to Ship Material
    This two-page form is to be used to request authorization for a shipment, provide contact information for the shipper's facility, describe the material to be shipped, supply information on the material's history (hazards connected with handling, radioactive elements to which it might have been exposed, etc.), describe the method of packing, and provide other information as specified on the form.
  • UCN-16790A, Approval of Product Returned
    This form is used by the Product Return Liaison to record approvals and other information required before a product can be returned to Y‑12. The fully executed form is then distributed to all entities at Y-12 involved in receiving, handling, storing, or otherwise dispositioning the returned product.