Energy Saving ’Cool Roofs’ Installed at Y-12

Posted: October 17, 2012 - 4:08pm

The Y‑12 National Security Complex has taken additional steps to reduce its energy costs by installing almost 100,000 square feet of new heat reflective “cool” roofs at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee facility.

The latest Y‑12 cool roofs were added to Buildings 9204‑2E and 9103. Fifteen percent of roofs at Y‑12 are currently equipped with cool roof technology. This technology is expected to be applied to the majority of the roofs at Y‑12.

“Replacing older, heat-absorbing roofs with the heat-reflective cool roofs is part of NNSA’s strategy to achieve energy and cost efficiencies,” said Robert “Dino” Herrera, Facilities and Infrastructure Recapitalization Program Manager. “We strive to lead the way as good stewards of the environment.”

The light-colored cool roofs reflect more heat than darker roofs emitting absorbed solar radiation back into the atmosphere. By doing so the roof covering remains relatively cooler and less likely to transfer heat down through the other components of the roof system and into the building.

The average energy savings for cool roofs range up to 15 percent of total cooling costs. Under the FIRP Roof Asset Management Program, NNSA has installed nearly three million square feet of cool roofs at eight sites across the country and expects to save energy and related costs over the next several years.

Y‑12 is a key facility in the U.S. Nuclear Security Enterprise and is responsible for uranium storage, processing and manufacturing operations. Y‑12 is operated by B&W Y‑12 for the NNSA Production Office, which is responsible for operations at the Pantex Plant, Amarillo, Texas, and Y‑12.

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