Seafarers: Tim Morris

Posted: February 7, 2013 - 7:02pm | Y-12 Report | Volume 9, Issue 2 | 2013

Tim Morris

A U.S. aircraft carrier is 4.5 acres of American soil planted in the world's oceans. The USS Enterprise was Tim Morris' mobile piece of U.S. territory. “There's a lot of pride in Enterprise, and I still feel a real connection. I was working as a reactor operator on her when she was 20,” he said. Morris was in charge of instrumentation and controls equipment on that carrier, which is nearly one-quarter mile long and 95,000 tons of steel powered by eight reactors and four propulsion plants.

A surface sailor, he served in varying capacities, including repair supervisor on a tender that sailed from port to port to repair “the big ships.” Then, as a propulsion plant supervisor, he was in charge of reactor auxiliary and engine room spaces, maintaining critical reactor plant support systems. He went on to work eight years for the Naval Reactors program. “I'm proud of that time. I was in the field, serving as the eyes and ears for the top block in Washington,” he said.

Upon retirement in 1995, Morris saw a golden opportunity at Y‑12 to apply his Navy experience. “Naval Reactors is known for its stringent training programs and adherence to conduct of operations principles. Y‑12 and the Navy both run high-consequence operations,” he said. Today as Y‑12's Emergency Services Systems Operations manager, Morris oversees all fire systems, generators, the Criticality Accident Alarm System and the Emergency Notification System. “Like completing a successful deployment, supporting mission work at Y‑12 is very satisfying,” he added.