In-Reach/Outreach Activities

For in-reach activities, the SPO holds meetings and conducts numerous presentations each year for Y‑12's operations, divisions, and management team to provide training and guidance for buyers concerning socioeconomic program policy, procedures, goals, and federal regulations that govern the program.

Outreach activities play a large part in communicating Y‑12's small business objectives, expectations, requirements, and accomplishments to the community at large. Y‑12 staff, including senior management, is strongly committed to sponsoring and participating in numerous public forums, conferences and professional associations in support of small businesses.

Y-12’s involvement with small businesses may consist of one-day training seminars featuring business-related modules that include general accounting, proposal writing, Defense Contractors Audit Agency audit preparation, and an explanation of what is expected in a Y-12 proposal.

Other involvement and participation may include hosting, sponsoring, and attending local, regional, and national conferences and forums.

If you have questions about SPO in-reach or outreach activities, please contact us.