The CNS Veterans Program is for military members just completing their service but still on active duty who want to work in a STEM discipline. To be admitted to the program, participants must:

  • have a high school diploma or equivalent,
  • be departing the service with an “Honorable” discharge,
  • be able to meet admission standards of the chosen institution of higher learning,
  • be responsible for their own financial and logistical support, and
  • provide any and all documentation needed by the Selection Committee and the participating academic institutions.

In addition, applicants are desired to have:

  • recently completed their service, be still on active duty but separating soon, or serving in the National Guard or Reserve,
  • good academic fundamentals in math and science or the desire to acquire them, and
  • a “Secret” clearance or higher with a current security background investigation.

Applicants are selected by the STAR interview process. Additional consideration will be afforded wounded veterans, Purple Heart awardees, and significant award recipients.