Uranium Processing Facility


3:56 min.

Learn about Y-12’s new story: the Uranium Processing Facility, one of the largest construction projects in Tennessee history. UPF is an essential part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s modernization efforts.

Current Status

The Main Process Building (MPB) reached major milestones as the second elevation walls were successfully completed and thirteen over-the-top modules were installed in August. Work continues upwards as the third elevation takes shape throughout September and October. The first concrete slabs will be poured and placed on the third elevation as crews continue formwork, rebar, and embeds. Rebar wall curtains and wall form panels will also be installed for the third level walls.

Ironworkers continue to work towards completion of the second level structural steel on both the MPB East and West sides. First floor modules are being installed with a focus on rack to rack pipe connections, opening up sections on the west side of MPB to allow for other commodities to begin work.

Installation of structural steel continues in the Salvage & Accountability Building (SAB). Ironworkers work to plumb-up, rack, tension, survey, and place metal decking on the roof. Pipe and hanger installation work continues to progress on the first and second floors.

Mechanical crews received and installed ten of the final twelve over-the-top modules. Installation of the remaining two modules drives the completion of the SAB roof steel construction activities. Due to the size of these pieces, the over-the-top modules are installed vertically, through floor penetrations, prior to the roof steel.

Work progresses at the Mechanical Electrical Building (MEB) as electrical cable pulling and terminations continue to support the following systems: grounding, lightning protection, emergency lighting, building lighting, medium voltage power, low voltage power, and direct current power. The systems will be completing final construction activities to support turnover activities in September and October.

After final excavation and mud mat placements were completed in July, the focus has been on rebar in preparation for the Process Support Facilities (PSF) foundation. Concrete placement began in August in the truck bay area and will continue through September. Structural steel erection will begin in September, with the completion of the PSF foundation in October.

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