Uranium Processing Facility


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Learn about Y-12’s new story: the Uranium Processing Facility, one of the largest construction projects in Tennessee history. UPF is an essential part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s modernization efforts.

Current Status

Seven walls were poured at the Main Processing Building (MPB) during the month of May, two of which were the first walls installed with corbels for structural support, the most complex wall pours on the project thus far. Three of the seven walls were poured in a single shift, setting another project record.

Crews have begun installing grid and rack modules in both the East and West sides of the MPB, opening these areas up for follow-on commodities. Nine columns and three beams of the 54’ elevation steel were set at MPB East and nine columns were set at MPB West.

Both piping and electrical crews have begun installing hangers on the first floor of MPB East and West; the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor, Apollo, has begun installing ductwork in both of these areas.

Crews at the Salvage & Accountability Building (SAB) successfully installed 180 embeds and poured 400 yards of concrete in May to complete a significant section of flooring for the building. Crews continue to install structural steel on the first elevation, as well as parts of the roof for the building. Ironworkers will continue to plumb-up, rack, tension, survey and place metal decking on the roof, making it safe for employees to complete the structure.

Nearly 400 piles have been placed at the Process Support Facilities (PSF). Crews have also completed piling for the GSA, truck bay, and pipe bridge adjacent to the main PSF building.

Work progresses at the Mechanical Electrical Building (MEB) as downstream electrical components continue to be installed and connected to the building’s larger electrical components such as capacitor banks, switchgear, and substations.

UPF Press Releases

Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 11:24am