Uranium Processing Facility


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Learn about Y-12’s new story: the Uranium Processing Facility, one of the largest construction projects in Tennessee history. UPF is an essential part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s modernization efforts.

Current Status

Third-level walls at the Main Process Building (MPB) are well underway with 21 of 29 placed. 35 of 42 roof steel columns have been erected. The installation of architectural walls on the first floor of the MPB is ongoing.

All MPB East second floor pipe racks have been delivered as installation continues. The remaining MPB West second floor racks are expected in the next month. Heating and ventilation ductwork and fire protection piping subcontractors continue to make progress on the first and second levels.

Installation of the UPF perimeter security fencing is underway with the concrete foundation and walls placed in the southwest corner of the construction site. Duct bank installation is continuing in front of the Construction Support Building and storm drain installation is ongoing near the haul road. This work is part of the MPB scope and will continue to the north and east over the coming months.

The installation of the Salvage and Accountability Building (SAB) siding continues on the north side of the building with the overall building siding completion forecast for the end of April, at which point the SAB will be fully enclosed, with the exception of a holdout on the West side where the Personnel Support Building will join with the SAB and will be enclosed later this calendar year.

Pipe and hanger installation work continues to progress on all three floors. Electrical installation of supports and cable trays have continued on the first floor and started on the second and third floors. These activities will continue to be worked on all three floors throughout the remainder of SAB construction. In addition, several subcontractors continue to work on HVAC supports and ductwork, fire protection piping, fireproofing, and interior walls throughout the SAB.

Work progresses in the Mechanical Electrical Building (MEB) as the 13.8 KV system was turned over to Start-Up in March, and the Process Water was successfully tested by construction. The focus for electrical this month is the low voltage power systems. The mechanical team is focused on achieving construction completion for the cooling tower and pipe installation for the breathing air and instrument air systems.

The Process Support Facilities (PSF) completed all siding installation at the beginning of April, marking a significant milestone for the UPF Project. The PSF is now fully enclosed, known in the construction industry as “in the dry.” Construction will now focus on the interior as crews work on piping and supports, electrical installation, and mechanical equipment skids. This also opens up additional work for subcontractors on ductwork, fire protection, floor coatings, stud walls, and drywall.

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