Uranium Processing Facility


3:56 min.

Learn about Y-12’s new story: the Uranium Processing Facility, one of the largest construction projects in Tennessee history. UPF is an essential part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s modernization efforts.

Current Status

  • Crews have completed installation of the roof decking and wall panels on the Uranium Processing Facility Mechanical Electrical Building. The first pieces of equipment, four large chiller units, were delivered and installed in the Uranium Processing Facility Mechanical Electrical Building. This equipment will support heat removal from UPF processes and air conditioning for the MEB and Salvage and Accountability Building.
  • Ironworkers recently began erecting first-level rebar curtain on the Main Process Building. The curtain is for the outside rebar layer and will be joined by an inside layer. Formwork will then be placed outside the curtains followed by concrete. Rebar wall curtain will be installed on all levels of MPB.
  • Concrete placements continue for the base slab of the Salvage and Accountability Building.