Global Security

Nuclear nonproliferation — stopping the spread of nuclear materials — is a critical part of creating a safer world. Y‑12 has been working in nonproliferation since the early 1990s in more than 25 countries.

As the nation reduces the size of its arsenal, Y‑12 will play a central role in decommissioning weapons systems and providing weapons material for peacetime uses. We are a leader across the National Nuclear Security Administration in implementing technology and current training to ensure materials are protected with the highest degree of confidence.

We provide the expertise to secure highly enriched uranium — domestically and around the world — that may be vulnerable to terrorists; store it with the highest security; and make material available for non-weapons uses such as in research reactors and for producing cancer-fighting medical isotopes and commercial power.

We train nuclear industry professionals, emergency responders and security forces from around the world to safeguard vulnerable materials; and the innovations engineered at Y‑12 have applications for allies, other government agencies, and the private sector.