Uranium Processing Facility


3:56 min.

Learn about Y-12’s new story: the Uranium Processing Facility, one of the largest construction projects in Tennessee history. UPF is an essential part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s modernization efforts.

Current Status

All third level floor slabs are complete and concrete placement for the third level walls is underway at the Main Process Building (MPB). Ironworkers have completed the second level structural steel on both the MPB East and West sides. First floor pipe rack modules have been installed and the focus has shifted to completing the installation of the smaller steel members between rack modules. Heating and ventilation ductwork and fire protection piping subcontractors have made significant progress on the first level and have started installation activities on the second level.

Installation of the UPF perimeter security fencing is underway with the concrete foundation and walls placed in the southwest corner of the construction site. This work is part of the MPB scope and will continue to the north and east over the coming months.

Salvage and Accountability Building (SAB) structural steel installation is complete and the placement of metal decking on the roof signified the “in the dry” milestone. The completion of this milestone has allowed additional work fronts to begin on the roof, which began in November, and girt installation to support the siding, which began in early December. Pipe and hanger installation work continues to progress on all three floors.

In addition, several subcontractors continue to work throughout all three levels on HVAC supports, ducting and fire protection piping. SAB interior walls are beginning to be framed on the first and second floors.

Work progresses in the Mechanical Electrical Building (MEB) as grounding and lighting protection systems were turned over to startup in December. Electrical systems continue to be worked as the team prepares to turnover three additional power systems within the month of January.

The recent focus at the Process Support Facilities (PSF) has been on structural steel and concrete placement completion. Concrete placement began in August in the truck bay area and was completed in late December. Installation of structural steel is underway as steel work on the first floor will continue throughout the month of January. All over the top tanks have arrived to support PSF reaching the “in the dry” milestone.

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