Technical Services

Technical services spans Y-12 disciplines that support manufacturing at Y-12.

Information Systems (National Security Systems Development)

  • Provide solutions for information security, including the protection of national security, proprietary and any other class of highly sensitive information.
  • Develop highly integrated, enterprise level software applications for use within the federal space and adaptable to commercial application.
  • Leverage the transformative information technology capabilities of the NNSA to a broad spectrum of federal applications for rapidly deployed, cost effective and reproducible technical solutions.
  • Develop virtual collaborative networks for cluster manufacturing.
  • Develop, test, and implement operational cyber security strategies to protect systems and networks containing classified, proprietary, and business sensitive data.


Y-12 Engineering offers a unique, comprehensive portfolio of technical services and expertise to the commercial sector in addition to the government sector. The diverse knowledge and experience of our staff enables us to solve engineering, manufacturing, and scientific problems that other companies can't. In the mechanical and manufacturing area, for instance, we specialize in engineering analysis, tool and specialty design, and nuclear packaging. Process simulation, ergonomic design and analysis, and reverse engineering are also part of our core technical services.

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Development Lab
  • Information Systems
  • Procurement
  • Technology Development