We are accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program in 14 measurement disciplines. View the scope.

Our capabilities include the following.

Complex Geometric Measurements

As the sole supplier of NVLAP-accredited gear metrology services, Oak Ridge’s Center for Complex Geometric Measurements provides NIST-traceable calibrations with a quantified statement of uncertainty of less than 36 millionths of an inch (0.9 micron).

  • Gear artifacts — involute, helix, index, flank, pin, and master gears
  • High precision and affordable services, with a six-week turnaround time

Dimensional Metrology

  • Complex three-dimensional geometric measurements performed in the work volume of a CMM with a quantified statement of uncertainty
  • Diameter and roundness standards
  • Gear masters
  • One-dimensional length artifacts (e.g., end standards, step gages, Moore bars, Koba bars, Inora SRS bars, ball bars, and gage blocks)
  • Surface texture standards
  • Two-dimensional artifacts (e.g., grid plates and line scales, hole plates and ball plates)

Physical and Electrical Metrology

  • Frequency/time
  • Mass, with ultra-precision Class 1 calibrations from 1 milligram to 30 kilograms
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

ORMC provides NIST-traceable measurements in the following areas:

  • Angular measurements including angle blocks, rotary tables, and autocollimators
  • Direct and alternating voltage and current, radio frequency power, resistance, ratio, oscilloscopes, and phase
  • Gas flow, gas analysis, moisture/humidity, and density/volume
  • Hardness, force, torque, and acceleration
  • Ionizing optical, optical pyrometry, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Vacuum and standard leaks