Central Scrap Management Office

CSMO at the Y‑12 National Security Complex provides centralized leadership and management of unirradiated enriched uranium scrap recovery and disposition services for DOE programs. The Office may also consider other nuclear materials for which the Y‑12 National Security Complex serves as the custodian and steward, including lithium, deuterium and heavy water.

The Y‑12 CSMO

  • provides technical assistance to DOE customers
  • acts as the liaison between customers and internal Y‑12 organizations
  • manages CSMO receipts and shipments at Y‑12.

Customers include

  • DOE facilities
  • Office of Radiological Security
  • naval reactors
  • universities returning loaned or leased uranium

Here’s what you do

  • Complete Declaration Request form
  • Submit to Y-12 CSMO for review
  • Complete Shipment Summary form once your scrap has been approved by CSMO for shipment
  • Submit to Y-12 CSMO for final approval
  • Contact the Product Return Liason and submit the Request for Authorization to Ship request
  • Submit the DOE NRC Form 741 to the Y‑12 Nuclear Material and Control Organization and to NNSA/NPO

What CSMO Does

  • Complete evaluation of scrap (or storage) declaration
  • Determine if the material and packaging meets Y‑12 acceptance criteria
  • Submit to DOE/NNSA-Y‑12 Site CSMO for review and approval
  • Provide response to shipper
  • Coordinate receipt of the shipment