UPF Safety Procedures

The Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) project is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable. Accordingly, we are committed to achieving and sustaining “Zero Accident Performance”. The links below provide the Bechtel National, Inc. (BNI) Safety and Health Program implementation procedures. These procedures are provided to assist bidders in the preparation of proposals and for subcontractors to implement when performing work under a BNI subcontract agreement.

Document Number Revision Title
ML-SH-801768-A001 3 UPF Quarterly Inspection Color Codes
ML-SH-801768-A002 2 Eye and Face Protection Matrix
ML-SH-801768-A003 6 UPF Glove Matrix
PL-SH-801768-A007 2 Bechtel National Inc. Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) Environment, Safety, and Health Plan
TGUI-SH-801768-A001 0 Training Table for Subcontractors
UPF-CP-102 6 Orientation, Training & Development
UPF-CP-108 25 UPF Event Management and Investigation
UPF-CP-200 10 UPF General Safe Work Practices
UPF-CP-202 5 UPF Hazard Communication Program
UPF-CP-205 13 Personal Protective Equipment and safe work apparel
UPF-CP-207 5 UPF Powered Industrial Trucks Page
UPF-CP-211 9 Fire Prevention and Protection
UPF-CP-214 9 Barricades and Signs
UPF-CP-225 4 Compressed Gas Cylinders, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and Liquefied Inert Gases
UPF-CP-227 8 UPF Safety Watches
UPF-CP-229 6 Vehicle Safety Management
UPF-CP-312 4 Hearing Conservation Program
UPF-CP-314 7 Heat and Cold Stress Prevention
UPF-CP-318 0 Respirator Use and Issuance
UPF-MANUAL-CM-001 5 Uranium Processing Facility Construction Electrical Safety Manual
UPF-MANUAL-SH-A001 0 UPF Elevated Work Manual
UPF-POLICY-CM-001 3 UPF Life Critical Requirements
UPF-POLICY-CM-002 3 UPF Weather Protocols
Y17-95-64-801 5 UPF Construction Phase System and Equipment Safety Lockout/Tagout
Y17-95-64-822 9 UPF Site Excavation and Backfill
Y17-95-64-823 6 UPF Safety Task Analysis and Risk Reduction Talk/Job Hazard Analysis Program (STARRT/ JHA) Process
Y17-95-64-831 3 UPF Scaffold Control and Management
Y17-95-64-837 3 UPF Housekeeping
Y17-95-64-877 1 UPF Hot Work Permit
Y72-95-003 1 Silica Exposure Control Procedure for Construction of the Uranium Processing Facility Project
Y73-95-802 1 Confined Space Entry Program
Y73-95-803 0 Hexavalent Chromium Procedure