NHC Auditorium

The auditorium at New Hope Center

The auditorium — in room E1.201 of Y‑12’s New Hope Center — offers theatre-style seating for 410 persons, with a maximum occupancy of 426. It makes available the following audiovisual equipment:

  • Two high-brightness computer/video projectors with dual screens.
  • Multiple video source switcher for projectors/screens (can show DVD, computer presentations and, by special arrangement, videotapes). Two different items can be shown — one on each of the two screens.
  • Two lavalier and two hand-held wireless microphones.
  • Speakers (built into ceiling) and amplifier.
  • Audio mixing board for audio sources.
  • Two DVD players (videos).
  • One CD player (music).

A trained operator must operate the audiovisual equipment. The operator will be supplied by Y‑12 and any fees associated with the operator and rental of additional equipment will be reimbursed to Y‑12 by the user.

Only the first two rows of the NHC auditorium provide Internet access, though not through the Y‑12 network. This direct access to the Internet is not regulated nor restricted as is Internet access from the Y‑12 network. No internal Internet connections to the Y‑12/National Nuclear Security Administration networks are available in the NHC auditorium.