Forms and Instructions

Declaration Form

The UCN-22885 [INST], Declaration Request Form (20 | 40 | 60) represents one scrap or storage declaration. You must submit these completed forms to CSMO to initiate a request for disposition of your material to Y‑12. The Scrap or Storage Declaration form must be reviewed and signed by your cognizant DOE Operations Office prior to approval of receipt of your material at Y‑12.


The scrap or storage declaration should document materials that are of the same material form and constituents. The declaration forms should be as complete as possible and auxiliary information that would aid in the acceptance review (e.g., drawings, photographs, analytical results, radiological measurements for all packaging levels) should be provided when available. If the material is not yet packaged in shipping containers, you may provide proposed packaging information, and submit shipping container numbers and the primary container identification numbers after the declaration request is submitted; however, the information must be available before authorization to ship the material is granted.

It is important that you furnish a complete and concise description of the material with each Declaration Request. If you have questions or need assistance in completing a Declaration Request, please contact the Y‑12 CSMO Manager.

Shipment Summary Form

Submit the UCN-22888 [INST], Shipment Summary Form (20 | 40 | 60) once your scrap has been approved by CSMO for shipment.