Product Return Liaison

Welcome to the Y-12 Product Return Liaison website.

The purpose for the Y-12 PRL approval process is to ensure external receipts of Department of Energy Defense Program–related materials, DOE radioactive materials, other DOE nuclear materials and returned empty nuclear materials containers meet the Y-12 acceptance criteria. The PRL approval process also ensures Y‑12 has the current processing and storage capacity to receive the material.

The PRL approval process begins with a request for authorization to ship material to Y‑12. The PRL then coordinates the reviews and approvals required to authorize a return shipment. For details, see the process flow chart.

Initiating a request for authorization and later for supplying information about an authorized shipment must be handled via specific forms.

Additional information about the process is available on our page of frequently asked questions.

If you have concerns not addressed here, please contact us.