Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns about the approval process for returning products to Y-12, check out the frequently asked questions and answers below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Q:   Should I send requests to the PRL email or directly to the Y-12 Product Return Liaison?
A:   To the PRL email. The request flows to the appropriate people including the Y-12 Product Return Liaison. The person supporting the PRL position may change without the requester's knowledge. Thus, if the request is sent to the PRL email, it will always flow to the appropriate person.

Q:   Why do I need to provide radiological data?
A:   Radiological data is required to satisfy Y-12's acceptance criteria. Y‑12 is only allowed to bring material in and/or store material that falls within a particular level of contamination.

Q:   I need to ship now. Why does the PRL process request 48 hours?
A:   Typically the process takes less time, but there are approvals required from three to five separate entities of the site; therefore, sufficient time is needed to assure all appropriate notifications/approvals have been obtained.