global security

Dedicated Resource

The Y‑12 Technology Applications Center is a dedicated resource that performs only testing and evaluation programs. Y‑12 TAC neither manufactures nor markets security technologies. Its independent and unbiased position enables the Center to complete each testing project to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.

Our independent testing and evaluation process ensures the following:

Specialized Training

The Nuclear Materials Production and Processes course provides classroom instruction led by subject matter experts and includes ongoing production and process operation reviews.
Topics include:

  • Material production
  • Characteristics
  • Measurement and certification
  • Equipment for enriched uranium, depleted uranium and lithium compounds
  • Chemical processing
  • Casting
  • Machining

(security clearance required)

Foreign Workshops

Stopping the spread of nuclear materials is crucial in creating a safer world. Y-12 offers three workshops in material protection, control and accountability.

The Performance Testing workshop underscores the role of a quality testing program. Proper performance testing ensures systems and equipment performs required in specific situations.

The Process Monitoring Fundamentals workshop stresses the importance of timely identification of nuclear material issues and changes in the processes that affect the accounting and control of nuclear material.

Security and Training

Instability in parts of the world and increased terrorist activities worldwide intensify security concerns in protecting personnel, materials and infrastructure. As a globally recognized leader in safeguards and security, Y-12 provides immediate and deployable solutions to mitigate these risks.

Lithium-based Technologies

Y‑12’s 60 years of rich lithium operational history and expertise make it the clear choice for deployment of new lithium-based technologies and capabilities. There is no other U.S. site, government or commercial, that comes close to the breadth of Y‑12’s lithium expertise and capabilities.