global security

Nuclear Detection and Sensor Testing Center

As part of our increased global nuclear nonproliferation efforts, Y-12 commissioned the Nuclear Detection and Sensor Testing Center, which offers dedicated facilities for the testing of radiation detection capabilities using enriched and highly enriched uranium. In addition to supporting measurements of instrumentation for detecting ionizing radiation, non-destructive measurements of both fissile and non-fissile materials may be deployed at NDSTC.

Product Return Liaison

Welcome to the Y-12 Product Return Liaison website.

The purpose for the Y-12 PRL approval process is to ensure external receipts of Department of Energy Defense Program–related materials, DOE radioactive materials, other DOE nuclear materials and returned empty nuclear materials containers meet the Y-12 acceptance criteria. The PRL approval process also ensures Y‑12 has the current processing and storage capacity to receive the material.

Central Scrap Management Office

CSMO at the Y‑12 National Security Complex provides centralized leadership and management of unirradiated enriched uranium scrap recovery and disposition services for DOE programs. The Office may also consider other nuclear materials for which the Y‑12 National Security Complex serves as the custodian and steward, including lithium, deuterium and heavy water.