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Media Coverage

Lee Bzorgi is named a Pathfinder Research Entrepreneur of the Year by Tech 2020.
The Tech 2020 Council’s inaugural Pathfinder Research Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Lee Bzorgi, director of the National Security Technology Center at Y‑12. Bzorgi shares the award with innovator and entrepreneur, Jimmy Mays, a UT professor of Chemistry with a joint appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Source: Tech 2020 News Release, Thurs, 4 November 2010.

New Technologies

The National Security Technology Center has achieved notable successes in the design and development of innovative devices with wide-ranging national security applications. For more information, send an email to NSTC.


The National Security Technology Center engages the world-class equipment and expertise available at Y-12 to quickly move security technologies from vision to prototype to licensing. For an overview of our capabilities, see our printable Fact Sheet.

Testing Methodology

As the nation's storage facility for highly enriched uranium, Y‑12’s security posture and infrastructure incorporate all aspects of the security discipline. The management of such a large, complex program led to a disciplined approach to testing that is scientific in design and validated through statistical techniques.

Using engineers, statisticians and security professionals, each testing project follows a rigorous methodology to ensure that the test is conducted in an independent, unbiased, representative, reliable, repeatable and safe manner.

Why Use Y-12 TAC?

Security is a substantial component of the Y‑12 National Security Complex. Y‑12 requires the utmost protection of special nuclear materials, technologies, vital equipment and information. In short, we know first-hand the difficulties associated with selecting and deploying security technologies. We have also seen the benefits of an operational testing and evaluation program, such as that provided by the Y-12 TAC, to assist in these activities.

Value of Testing

Both the technology provider and the technology buyer benefit from the testing performed by the Technology Applications Center. The providers benefit in at least two ways.

The first benefit is a quality measure that can be used to improve the technology; and the second benefit is that testing results may be beneficial in obtaining customer acceptance of the technology.

The final report is valuable to the technology buyer because it presents information relative to the performance of a technology in a given environment.