Why Use Y-12 TAC?

Security is a substantial component of the Y‑12 National Security Complex. Y‑12 requires the utmost protection of special nuclear materials, technologies, vital equipment and information. In short, we know first-hand the difficulties associated with selecting and deploying security technologies. We have also seen the benefits of an operational testing and evaluation program, such as that provided by the Y-12 TAC, to assist in these activities.

The Technology Applications Center can accommodate projects that range from unclassified to those requiring protection at the highest security clearance levels.

The Technology Applications Center also can complete projects that range from a single component to full-scale exercises.

The Y-12 National Security Complex has been protecting the security of America for more than 60 years. The Y-12 Technology Applications Center is an important national resource for private, public and government organizations as we all combat the threats of terrorism.