Technology Applications Center

The Y-12 Technology Applications Center, established with more than 20 years of testing and evaluation experience at the Y‑12 National Security Complex, provides a dedicated resource to technology providers and groups procuring security technologies.

Y-12 TAC helps determine a security technology's value by testing in real-world settings. As an unbiased and independent organization, Y-12 TAC provides a qualitative look at the technology's performance and answers the tough question: “Will the system work effectively when needed?”

Our customers can reliably draw upon on Y‑12’s extensive experience with and expertise in many current security technologies.

Both the technology provider and the technology buyer derive significant benefits from the rigorous methodology we employ in our professional, standards-based testing and evaluation.

Still wondering whether TAC at the Y-12 National Security Complex is the best choice for testing your security technology? Then see Why Y‑12 TAC?