Media Coverage

Lee Bzorgi is named a Pathfinder Research Entrepreneur of the Year by Tech 2020.
The Tech 2020 Council’s inaugural Pathfinder Research Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Lee Bzorgi, director of the National Security Technology Center at Y‑12. Bzorgi shares the award with innovator and entrepreneur, Jimmy Mays, a UT professor of Chemistry with a joint appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Source: Tech 2020 News Release, Thurs, 4 November 2010.

Y‑12 researchers garner R&D 100 awards
A research chemist and his revolutionary cloth invented to clean surfaces leaving no sticky residue, even down to the nanoscale, have captured a prestigious R&D 100 award, along with three other researchers at the Y‑12 National Security Complex. Source: Y‑12 News Release, Mon, 21 July 2008.

Y-12 receives two R&D 100 Awards
The awards are presented annually by R&D Magazine in recognition of the year's most significant technological innovations. Y‑12 received the 2007 awards for its Rapid Deployment Shelter System (RDSS) and Personal Annunciation Device (PAD). Source: Y-12 News Release, Tues, 17 July 2007.

The National Security Technology Center
NSTC whips together far-out ideas and cutting-edge technology and blends them into Bond-like safety and security devices for the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement and the armed services. Source: innovation, August/September 2006, Vol. 4, No. 4.

Y‑12 helps protégé get back on its feet
Y-12 came to the rescue of a recent partner, American Defense Services, when hurricanes Katrina and Rita forced the company out of its offices in Metairie, La. Source: The Oak Ridger, March 9, 2006.