Y-12 Procurement strives to implement subcontracting practices that will be regarded as the Standard of Excellence by the Department of Energy and others.

If you are a Y-12 subcontractor and you have a question about payment activity, use the Automated Vendor Account Status System (VASS), which is available 24-hours a day, for a status update. The purchase order/subcontract number is required to access payment information. Your vendor PIN is available from your Sales Representative.

In this section of the website, you can view current and past solicitation and subcontract provisions, which have been incorporated by reference in procurement documents. Forecasts of upcoming procurements include information from Y-12 and DOE. Important information on expediting the payment process is also available.

Activities performed on-site by CNS Y-12 and its subcontractors are subject to 10 CFR Part 851, Worker Safety and Health Program. The requirements of this provision have been incorporated into the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Program.