Acceptable Information Technology Devices

Within Y-12’s Limited Areas, Exclusion Areas, Material Access Areas, and Protected Areas (security areas designated by DOE for the protection of classified and other materials), all personally owned Information Technology devices are prohibited without prior written approval obtained through the Subcontract Technical Representative. The prohibited IT devices include, without limitation, cellular telephones, smart phones, personal digital assistants, personal electronic devices, pagers, and flash memory storage devices. Examples include the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Droid, BlackBerry, Evo, Pro Plus, Rogue, e-readers such as the Kindle or Nook, netbooks, and laptop computers.

Personally owned IT devices may be taken into, and used in, Property Protection Areas unless otherwise posted as prohibited. Such areas include the New Hope Center, portions of the Jack Case Center, Bear Creek Road, and facility parking lots. Seller and Seller employees are prohibited from using a cellular telephone (including hands-free) while operating a vehicle on CNS managed sites or while operating a Government vehicle during offsite Company Business. However, if any IT device contains one of the following features, the feature cannot be used at any time:

  • camera capability,
  • built-in-recording capability, and
  • Wi-Fi connection to the Y-12 networks, unless the STR has provided prior written approval.

Personally owned IT devices may not be connected to Y-12 networks or Y-12 issued IT computing devices or components (i.e., printers) without prior written approval obtained through the STR. In no event may Y-12 data be stored on personally owned IT devices.