The Y-12 National Security Complex is committed to obtaining the best value in the products and services it purchases, accomplished through

  • Implementing subcontracting practices that are regarded as the Standard of Excellence by the Department of Energy and others
  • Exhibiting the highest ethical standards
  • Being good stewards of the taxpayer's dollars

Y-12 practices affirmative procurement, purchasing environmentally friendly products, including those with reduced packaging and those manufactured totally or in part from recovered/recycled materials.

Y-12 is authorized to use Government Services Administration supply sources for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, and services (view GSA Authorization Letter). Authority to commit Y‑12 for purchases is vested in Procurement staff. Suppliers should act only on purchase commitments made by authorized Procurement personnel.

Y-12 participates with the Supply Chain Management Center, a Honeywell-managed organization under prime contract to DOE. The SCMC works with NNSA M&O contractors to leverage spend and optimize business systems, providing cost savings to DOE. For more information, visit SCMC Group.