Important Information

From time to time, important information for subcontractors to Y‑12 is posted on this web page. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Procurement at 865.576.8500.

  • Taxes on sales to Y-12 are subject to the the provisions of the State of Tennessee Sales Tax Rule and Regulation Number 68. See the Y-12 Blanket Certificate of Resale (PDF), which includes the letter from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.
  • Financial information, including a link to the Vendor Account Status System (VASS) is available on the Accounts Payable website.
  • An AVID agreement is an electronic, on-line, just-in-time purchasing system designed to facilitate rapid, inexpensive acquisition of maintenance, repair and operating items. Typical commodities available through AVID agreements include electrical supplies, paper, lab supplies, building supplies, personal computers, electronics, and office supplies. The system accommodates more than 2500 users and provides them with the capability to order from any of 34 AVID agreements. Questions can be directed to 865.241.5513 (phone) or 865.241.2150 (facsimile).