Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are clauses grouped for specific types of subcontracts.

These current general terms and conditions are presented as PDF files.

Commercial Items,   (CI October 2021)
Commercial Off The Shelf Items Terms and Conditions,   (COTS October, 2021)
Construction,   (CON October 2021)
Cost-Reimbursement – Architect-Engineer Services,   (CTAE October, 2021)
Cost-Reimbursement – Services,   (CTSER October 2021)
Design-Build Construction,   (DBCON October 2021)
Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements,   (DDR October 2021)
Educational Institution Services (Cost-Reimbursement),   (EDU October 2021)
Fixed Price,   (FP October 2021)
Fixed Price Architect-Engineer Services,   (FPAE October 2021)
Individuals,   (IND October 2021)
Research and Development (Cost-Reimbursement),   (RD October 2021)
Time and Materials,   (TM October 2021)