DOE project could impact local traffic in coming weeks

  • Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 8:56 am

Oak Ridge, Tenn. – Beginning March 10, DOE’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management is conducting a project that requires large, slow-moving equipment on Highway 58 and Highway 95. Motorists transiting the area during this time should be alert for slow-moving vehicles and expect occasional delays.

As part of the ongoing cleanup efforts at the East Tennessee Technology Park, workers are removing, disposing, and recycling components from a former electrical switchyard, known as K-732 Switchyard. For the next two weeks, this project requires the use of a specialized trailer on public highways to transport three large condensers that each weighs approximately 110 tons.

Each condenser will require a separate shipment, and these shipments are scheduled to occur every 3-4 days depending on weather conditions. The route will start at the East Tennessee Technology Park where it will travel north on Highway 58, then onto Highway 95 and proceed south to Bethel Valley Road for disposal in the Oak Ridge Reservation Landfill.

While on public highways, these shipments will be escorted by the City of Oak Ridge police for safety and traffic control. DOE has also coordinated with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to ensure compliance with all permit requirements.

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